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2008 MERCEDES-BENZ S 500 A/T Facelift

R 219 890

phone +27 11 463 5555
Trade in your existing car
S Class for sale
Power/ kW is rated at 235
MERCEDES-BENZ S Class available now
Car insurance available
Buy & Own this S Class for R219 890
This S Class has a gearbox
Body - Sedan
Structured finance available
Book a test drive in this S Class
MERCEDES-BENZ S Class available now
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Needs at the pump
Buy & Own this S Class for R219 890
Odometer reading 127327 km
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2008 MERCEDES-BENZ S Class for sale in Johannesburg
S 500 A/T Facelift has 4 doors
Needs at the pump

Full service history partially by franchise sunroof,cream leather,aircon,airbags,elec windows,power steering,memory seat, elec seat,With a competitive edge in pricing, a family oriented sales force, and financing available through all major banks you should look no further than Topgear Auto for your vehicular needs! As seen on TV (Buyers Guide) and recommended at 702 as a reputable dealer, our reputation instils trust in all our customers. We strive to offer the very best in your pre-owned buying experience. Come meet Desiree,James, Grant,Melusi,Mariette,Wandile, Matt and Mike at our home, Topgear Auto, in Bryanston.

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Installment* R5 577
Months 48
Interest rate 10.00%
Deposit 0%

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